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How to Create High Quality Links to your Website

Content distribution is the new link building strategy now. Though the inbound link still works and is very popular, adding social and media coverage and guest posting will increase the page rank even higher. Content promotion has become vital. In order to rank your website higher in the SERPs, you need to have a good content distribution strategy. Here are three content distribution strategies that you can use to create high quality links to your website:

Guest Posting

It is more about building relationships than links. Guest post is something you write for other’s blog. It contains a section about the author, from where you can create link to your website. So, in exchange of your free content that you have given to the blogger, you get to increase the visibility of your website.

Media Coverage

Free publicity is a very good method of increasing your profile. You need to first select your target audience. YouTube video is a very effective way of spreading your profile. Writing a good press release can also work well. By doing so, you can include this on the news section of the website and create links. Winning an award is a great way to get publicity. You could engage in local charities to increase your publicity.

Social Media Links

Social media promotes your website. In order to increase the visibility of your website you must add social media buttons on your homepage. You can add twitter posts directly on your website if it’s relevant. Make sure you use the up to date social media buttons on your page. Use share button to make your website viral. Use the social media analytics to monitor the progress of your website in terms of number of visitors, etc.

Here’s a quick video with the exact link building that is getting the best results in 2015 and will continue to be very effective in 2016.

5 Effective SEO Strategies for your Business

SEO is a very effective online marketing tool. Using some basic SEO tools you can give maximum exposure of your website to the major search engines. Here are some simple, but effective strategies:

#1 Optimize your URL, titles and descriptions

You need to give a unique title that is meaningful as well and a catchy description. The URL must be well formatted as well. Titles are probable one of the most important ranking factors, so you need to spend some time coming up with a great title that is both search engine friendly, and captures the attention of your target customer.

#2 You must have fresh contents in your website always

Your audience must find your content useful and interesting. This way you can make the current customers happy and get new customers as well. Contents can be anything including articles, videos, music, reviews, etc. You must refresh your page with new contents regularly.

#3 Improve the loading time of your website

If your website takes too much time to load, then your customers will leave your page. Page speed is an important factor in ranking. For example, if there are two similar websites and one has faster loading time than the other, then search engines will rank the former one higher.

If the load time is fast, then it is likely that prospective customers may turn into actual customers. Visitors also view more pages when the load time is fast. Some ways of increasing the loading time of website are: removing big pictures and unwanted JavaScript files; getting a faster hosting provider; etc.

#4 Follow algorithm updates

You must develop your SEO strategies keeping the new algorithm in mind. Google and other search engines are constantly changing and tweaking their algorithm to avoid spammers from dominating and destroying their search results. So you have to make sure you’re employing the best strategies to avoid penalties.

#5 Register your website with Bing and Google webmaster tools

This is very important for SEO. Some people don’t register assuming they would be able to hide stuffs. But in order to get the best results, you will need to do SEO legitimately.

We don’t want you to just have these 5 strategies in your toolbox, so here’s a great graphic showing you the best on-page strategies to dominate Google.

Why Businesses in Utah Need SEO?

SEO plays a major role in online success of businesses. It helps in ranking the website higher and also helps in the branding of a company. Like other regions, Utah is also experiencing extreme competition from local businesses.

These small businesses need to optimize their website in order to stay in the competition. Here are the reasons why SEO is needed by small businesses in Utah:

  • It delivers high return on investment. If SEO is done properly, then it can attract lots of traffic, increasing the number of potential customers and so improving the revenue of the company.
  • SEO is a proven tool of online marketing that really works! If done properly, it can get constant traffic to your website for a long time. There are algorithm changes and other updates happening, but an experienced SEO expert will know about the changes and develop marketing strategy accordingly.
  • SEO is to stay for a long time. It is not a temporary marketing strategy. Large companies have been successful in using SEO for their businesses in the past. It is expected that it will happen in future too. The concept of SEO will remain, but the techniques may change due to change in Google’s algorithm.
  • SEO is required to keep up with the competition. You need to attract more customers to your website; else they will go to your competitors.
  • Customers are getting mobile and they are continuously searching for their desired products and services. If you properly SEO your business, then it is possible that customers will find your products or services. If your business is found on the search engine, then customers may later visit your store or at least call you to get more information. Your prospect of sales becomes higher.

Still not convinced? Get in touch with our experts and we’ll show you the real data, it will blow you away!


We provide different SEO services which meet the needs of different customers. Our major services include:


seo_iconSEO helps companies to get more online business. SEO can easily change your business from a small one to a big one.

It allows you to compete with your rivals. SEO helps to improve traffic, ranking and therefore sales. We provide on-site SEO, link building, SEO copywriting, etc.

Local SEO

If you have a small business, a good product or service but is not selling well, then your local-SEO-2website is not properly optimized. You are not getting enough traffic to your website. Local SEO is targeted to local audiences.

It requires very good knowledge of your local market. In order to appear in Google’s local search results, you need to apply a number of techniques. In local SEO you need to be aware of the customer’s language, culture, etc. to effectively reach them.

International SEO

internationalInternational SEO is more complex than local SEO. People speak different languages and have different culture. Targeting international market means knowing the preferences of people of different nationalities. International ecommerce market has reached GBP 1 trillion this year!

Our international SEO campaign provides detailed analysis of the market. We use different tools to stay ahead of our competitors always. Like local SEO, we provide on-site optimization, link building, etc. We also provide some analytical tools to understand what the competitors are doing.web-video-icon

Video SEO

People tend to watch videos more than read words. Videos attract more traffic than normal contents. We provide the latest strategies and best practices for video search optimization.



We are an SEO agency situated in Salt Lake, Utah. We build brands online. We know exactly have content marketing and SEO works. We have a team of expert professionals including designers and developers who are continuously crafting content marketing.

Content marketing builds brand and communicates ideas. SEO is nothing very complex, but it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve your goals. SEO increases traffic and improves visibility of your website. It increases the chance of your website being visible amidst the infinite number of websites present.

Our services include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media marketing, content marketing, etc. We are the best in town and guarantee that your page rank will be higher with us. Our team of experts is continuously working with each other to come up with a unique solution for your business.

All businesses are not same and so marketing tool applied in one business may not work in the other. We analyze your business and plan a marketing strategy only for you. Our experts closely work with you to understand your unique needs. With us, your business will get a new dimension. We provide after sale support as well. Come to us and you will take you business to a new level!