It is my greatest desire to become A+ certified. Unfortunately, I do not know a CD ROM from a router. As such, in order to make myself ready to take the A+ exam, I must study and prepare myself. This means I must take as many versions of the A+ practice test as I can. I have heard from many of my colleagues that taking the A+ practice test over and over is the best way to prepare for the actual exam. I do not think there is very much more I can say on the subject other than that.

But what sort of information will the A+ practice test contain? Not having taken it myself, I went on line and did some digging. As I mentioned previously, I do not know a CD ROM from a router. In order to realize my greatest desire I must become familiar with this information. After some digging I discovered that the test consists of two parts. The first part deals with technical issues related to hardware. The second part deals with issues related to software and coding. I figure I will have to take at least ten practice tests before I am comfortable taking the exam itself.

I suspect there will be a steep learning curve. The first practice test I take I probably will not know the answers to most of the questions. But that test will give me an idea of where I will need to focus my studies. I am picturing that the second A+ practice test I take will be just a little bit easier. Maybe I will recognize a question or two from the first one. Again, this test will show me what material I will need to re-review in order to plug the holes in my knowledge base. You can see where this is going. By the tenth test I will be ready to take the actual exam itself and put myself on track to attain my greatest desire.

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